Project highlights

See The World With SPAR!

A social media contest for SPAR Worldwide running parallel in 6 countries (Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Italy and Slovenia). The premise was simple; make a video on YouTube and explain why you should win a trip around the world visiting SPAR stores and then make as much social noise as possible. The top contestant of each country report their trip adventures on a blog.

Brief summary

We build a scraping tool that mined YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for social noise and distributed points accordingly. Both phases, the contest and the trip, were managed from a central (multi-language) CMS, that also had a special tailored Facebook app for inclusion on the each of the countries Facebook pages.


High traffic

Multiple servers, load balancers and Amazon EC2 hosting handled the traffic and load without problems. The contest was promoted by SPAR with billboards, television commercials and 120.000 advertised YouTube views.