Dingen die wij doen, gebruiken of gewoon leuk vinden

New York startup Mealku in beta!

After a few months of hard work, open beta for New York startup Mealku has launched! Mealku is a homemade food cooperative in which members share food they are preparing with each other.

Unwind provided all core CMS and framework technology. The most notably features are the Response Tool Manager and the Fulfillment Manager. The Response Tool Manager allows Mealku to handle all communication with their member base. You can sent out an email blast to all members or do direct one-on-one messaging with an individual member. Both incoming and outgoing messages to target groups can be conveniently grouped by tag or retrieved in an individual communication history.

The fulfillment manager solves all logistic planning and communication. It matches all meal offers and orders and plans an optimal route with the help of Google Maps. Riders on their turn can communicate through SMS messaging with the server and receive instructions and directions for meal pick up and drop offs.


See The World With SPAR launched in 6 countries!

Again a co-op with DPPLR and one of our most challenging projects so far. A social media contest for SPAR Worldwide running parallel in 6 countries (Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Italy and Slovenia). The premise is simple; make a video on YouTube and explain why you should win a trip around the world visiting SPAR stores and then make as much social noise as possible. The top contestant of each country is invited to Amsterdam and winners then report their trip adventures on a blog.

We build a scraping tool that mined YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for social noise and distributed points accordingly. Both phases, the contest and the trip, were managed from a central (multi-language) CMS, that also had a special tailored Facebook app for inclusion on the each of the countries Facebook pages.

The contest was promoted by SPAR with billboards, television commercials and 120.000 advertised YouTube views. Multiple servers, load balancers and Amazon EC2 hosting handled the traffic and load without problems.


New mobile site and tool for biggest Dutch mobile conference!

Bravoure approached us to create a mobile site for the biggest Dutch mobile conference on April 2 & 3.

A challenging request since the eyes of the industry are upon you. But that was not all, also a sign-up, ticketing and registration tool was needed to streamline the conference administration.

We proposed and designed a web-based tool; people could register through the mobile site and received their e-ticket by SMS. Multiple laptops setup at the entrance of the conference allowed for easy capturing of the attendees. All in all a few thousand visitors attended the conference on April 2 and 3 without a hitch!


Planet X launched!

In 2008 we build for the Dutch special effects company Planet X (Gooische Vrouwen, Caro Emerald) a website according to the latest web technologies. Adobe Flash was still king. End of last year they asked us to do it again, but this time in today's technologies.

The website is fully HTML5 and has integration with their visual effects administration software (also developed by Unwind). Another key requirement was that Planet X wanted to spend as little time as possible maintaining their website.

We expanded our CMS to only require a single high-res video upload allowing the user to easily extract videostills for use in image galeries and background plates. No Photoshop needed; you can even crop and scale the grabbed images in the CMS. The source video is also automatically converted to the different media outputs. (iOS, Firefox WebM and H.264) and synced to Amazon EC2 cloud servers for maximum play back performance.


We have moved!

We have moved to a new location, Stationsplein 28, Weesp, right next to the train station. With only 20 minutes away from Amsterdam CS, Schiphol Airport and Hilversum, close to the A1-highway, including lots of free parking we are very happy with our new creative spot.

Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee!