Dingen die wij doen, gebruiken of gewoon leuk vinden

And so do we.

Internet Explorer 6.0 was released on August 27, 2001. More than 8 years ago! That considered, it is a miracle IE6 still has a stunning 10.6% market penetration! That is more than Safari (3.6%) and Opera (2.3%) combined.

It is important that companies like Google are officially and vocally dropping support on these ancient browsers. It saves the rest of the web developers a lot of time and frustration. No longer we have to make different versions of the same site, just to support stubborn, or more often, lazy users who refuse to upgrade.

So what browser should you use? All-round we recommend using Firefox (http://www.firefox.com). It is the most complete and extendable browser. The majority of the interweb users agree: it has a market share of 46%. If you prefer speed and a slick interface, Chrome (http://www.google.com/chrome) is a good alternative, but not as feature rich as Firefox.

Let's hope IE 7 and IE8 won't last for 9 years.  The foresights are good though; both Germany and France already warn their citizens against of use of Internet Explorer all together due to bad security.


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2010! Time for a New Year's Resolution. As last year has been crazy busy, there was hardly any spare time to work on our own projects. So at the top of our agenda this year is creating our own lPhone game.

We are now three weeks deep in the development of the app. At this point not much can be disclosed about the game, except that it will fall into the "action puzzle" genre and will be aimed at the casual gamer.

We first prototyped the game concept in Flash and then ported the code to the iPhone SDK and rebuild it in Objective-C. The transition went pretty smooth and this process worked remarkably well; all the game concepts and logic translated nearly one-on-one. We now have a playable version running on the iPhone. A level editor was also created to speed up and assist in the level building. This week we started play testing and tweaking the gameplay.

The most important thing while developing this game is that we really want to build a game that we enjoy playing ourselves in the first place. More on our new game, including becoming a play tester, soon!