• Web Applications

    The days that the web was nothing more than static brochureware are long gone.

    Web applications, software that runs inside the browser, have many advantages over desktop software. It is inherently multi-user, easily extendable and is accessible on a wide variety of devices. You only need an internet connection!

    We are specialized in building custom web applications to help solve any of your challenges in an elegant manner.

  • Managed Hosting

    A web application is only as good as the platform it is hosted on. That is why we offer fully managed hosting.

    We take care of everything: security, back ups, mail deliverability and of course plan the proper scaling of systems in case your website or app suddenly gets exposure in the media.

  • Native Apps

    Sometimes a web app or hybrid app is not sufficient and you need to unlock the power of a native app for your users. But how and when? We can help you with that.

    We love building apps for Android and iOS, whether they are tied to an existing web app or service, or something brand new.

  • Concept Creation

    Too often we are consulted when the concept has already been bedded down. Our strength does not lay exclusively in execution of the idea. But also in its conception.

    To fully utilize us and don't miss out, bring us in as early as possible! Don't wait!


  • Technical Consultancy

    Web technology is a fragmented landscape, for each problem there are many overlapping tools and technologies. But which tools are the right ones? 

    We believe technology should never be leading, people are. We also believe in the power of open source technology.

    We can help define your solutions from a technical perspective and if need be, built it ourselves as well.

  • Content Creation

    Well written text. Viral video or animation. Serious sound design. Or even a game? The web is truly multimedia. Need any? We can help out here.

    Our style doesn't suit you? We got a powerful network of content creators and graphic designers. We will hook you up.

  • User Experience (UX)

    User experience, Usability and Interaction Design are methods and conceptual frameworks for understanding and describing a user's needs. They help us design and shape interactions between humans and computers.

    Graphic design alone won't do anymore. Not if you want to leave the world of print behind and enter a universe of interactivity. Let us show you how!

  • Information Architecture

    Underneath code and interfaces, at the heart of software, lies information. Information Architecture goes beyond the question on how to design efficient databases.

    How can you best structure information and the flow of information? Also how does it flow from one system to another? 

    Introducing software and tools automatically means it transforms your business and processes. We can guide and chart these processes and translate it into strategy.

  • Big Data & Visualization

    Datasets that consists of video, sound, text or image data are becoming bigger and bigger. How can we make sense of this massive amount of data?

    We have several data mining and scraper tools, which enables us to extract, transform and load data in order to increase our learning.

    Make use of many years of our experience of making large data sets accessible, visual or interactive.


  • Security Audits

    Security cannot be an afterthought. We design all our software and systems from the ground up with security in mind.

    Need help becoming PCI compliant? As an independent 3rd party we can help do a code review or a security scan for your server, software or services.

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