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For Bold Monday, an independent Dutch font publisher who designed fonts for Audi, USA Today and even South Korean road signs,  we build a new website to make it even more easy to view and purchase their font collection. 

Designed as an interactive type specimen, the site invites visitors to engage directly with its unique library of fonts. Compared to the old website, the whole structure has been overhauled, and each page has been simplified where possible. In particular this is true of the shopping cart which is easier to use than ever.

We are especially proud on the new font tester – all of the retail fonts can be previewed in any way you prefer. Type text, change size, change colours, change leading, change tracking. It is all possible. All fonts are rendered directly in the browser, which means that they look especially beautiful on high resolution screens.
Graphic design was done by Bureau.Donald.

Technologies used
CMS and HTML5.