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Timebox.io is a visual to-do list now in beta!
"For years we have been trying to find the perfect to-do software. We tried many, many tools. They all turned out to either be too simple or too complex. The one key thing all seem to miss: they just remained lists.”, says Robert Kooij, co-founder of timebox.io. “None of the applications we tried catered to the visual mind. None showed how big a task was, and we could not see in a glance where we were with a project. We decided to scratch our own itch and just build it ourselves.” 

Timebox.io is a so called single-page application and has a mobile first approach. “We started by developing for the mobile web first.”, explains Fabian Kranen, co-founder. The application is real-time and completely built with HTML5 according to the latest standards. It has been months of work, but I think we nailed it.”
Technologies used
HTML5 and Unwind / Our products.