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Planet X

Planet X FX

In 2008 we build for the Dutch special effects company Planet X (Gooische Vrouwen, Caro Emerald) a website according to the latest web technologies. Adobe Flash was still king. End of last year they asked us to do it again, but this time in today's technologies.

The website is fully HTML5 and has integration with their visual effects administration software (also developed by Unwind). Another key requirement was that Planet X wanted to spend as little time as possible maintaining their website.

We expanded our CMS to only require a single high-res video upload allowing the user to easily extract videostills for use in image galeries and background plates. No Photoshop needed; you can even crop and scale the grabbed images in the CMS. The source video is also automatically converted to the different media outputs. (iOS, Firefox WebM and H.264) and synced to Amazon EC2 cloud servers for maximum play back performance.

Technologies used
Video and CMS.