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The Oerol festival is an annual 10 day location theatre and landscape art festival on the island of Terschelling, this year happening from 17-26 June. The Island serves as a source of inspiration and as a stage for the expansive programming that characterizes the Oerol festival with its innovative artistic profile in which culture, nature and experimentation vie for the centre stage. 

Together with Paul Cupido (sound & concept) and DieTwee (design) we launched oeroltweet.nl: a user-generated soundscape that translates Tweets about Oerol in real time to sounds that were recorded on Terschelling. For example #boot will trigger the characteristic sound of the ferry and tweets about performing bands or musical artists trigger short clips from that band. All on the backdrop of ambient sounds that changes with the hour as the day progresses: crickets at night, a soft breeze of wind in the afternoon and in the evening music and bustling sounds from the cafe...

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