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PX Space Admin

Planet X FX

Planet X F/X, a visual effects company based in Amsterdam, wanted to utilize web technology to support their effect shot administration and communication with both their clients and partners. Unwind build a custom online application in which various techniques and specifications were combined.  

The most important requirement was that of security; many of their projects involve classified and copyrighted material of future feature movies or ads. Unwind created a framework with a secure login system with different levels of functionality.  Some users could just 'view' certain parts of the application and other users could, besides viewing, also edit, modify and upload media like stills or pre-rendered 3d videos. The second important requirement was that of availability. Since the application is used in Planet X's day-to-day practices, server up time is very important. Also, since the data the application stores is critical to their business, back-ups of the databases had to be made on an hourly basis to secondary secure locations. The third requirement was ease-of-use. Unwind developed an interface by applying interaction design principles that enabled untrained people, with only web browser experience, operate the application and content management system.

Technologies used