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Packing Christmas boxes for our clients and partners! But what's in it?


Unwind site updated!

October 1th, 2013

In 2010 we published our then brand new website. It's 2013, we still love our site, but Flash is just not a credible option anymore. HTML 5 is becoming the de facto standard.

So what better statement to make than to both rebuild our 3d project viewer and Frogger in HTML 5 to prove HTML 5 is indeed the future!

Oh, and we tweaked some design and added a few little things as well. We should be good again for quite a while! 

Dwindle passes 25.000 players!

September 24th, 2012

Based on the information submitted for our high score rankings, we are very happy to announce that our iOS puzzle game Dwindle passed 25.000 players! (These are only internet connected devices, thus conservative numbers.)

A few random statistics. A grand total of 65.000 games were played. The player with the most time spend in Dwindle played a total of 22 hour;19 hours in action mode and 3 hour in endless mode. So what’s the toughest level? The one that takes the most moves to finish is level 19; the fastest player solved it in a mere 30 moves and the slowest player needed 80 moves.

Unto the 50k players, which we expect to break somewhere in 2013

We have moved!

December 14th, 2011

We have moved to a new location, Stationsplein 28, Weesp, right next to the train station. With only 20 minutes away from Amsterdam CS, Schiphol Airport and Hilversum, close to the A1-highway, including lots of free parking we are very happy with our new creative spot.

Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee!




This year marks the fourth edition of the Dutch Game Awards, the most important awards in the Dutch game industry. Over 140 games have been registered for the Dutch Game Awards, a 40% increase compared to 2010. The biggest categorie is the Best Casual Game with 48 entries, in which Dwindle is one of the three nominees! The winners will be chosen by a panel of experts.

The event will be held in Amersfoort during the Game in the City conference on November 24 and 25. We are looking forward to event, may the best game win! The complete list of nominees can be found here: