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Up in the clouds

October 7th, 2011

Today we phased out our last dedicated server. The move has been in the planning for quite some while now, but slightly sped up due to an outage at our datacenter. We do not longer want to maintain and run our own hardware and will focus on software completely. Hosting has become a commodity. 

We will continue to host software and websites at our new partner who provides green, scalable and environmental friendly hosting. And of course continue making use of other cloud providers like Google and Amazon for more demanding projects.

June 20th, 2011

The Oerol festival is an annual 10 day location theatre and landscape art festival on the island of Terschelling, this year happening from 17-26 June. The Island serves as a source of inspiration and as a stage for the expansive programming that characterizes the Oerol festival with its innovative artistic profile in which culture, nature and experimentation vie for the centre stage. 


Together with Paul Cupido (sound & concept) and DieTwee (design) we launched a user-generated soundscape that translates Tweets about Oerol in real time to sounds that were recorded on Terschelling. For example #boot will trigger the characteristic sound of the ferry and tweets about performing bands or musical artists trigger short clips from that band. All on the backdrop of ambient sounds that changes with the hour as the day progresses: crickets at night, a soft breeze of wind in the afternoon and in the evening music and bustling sounds from the cafe...


Check it out during the festival at!


Update: was covered on Radio 1!


Apps for Amsterdam is an initiative by the City of Amsterdam* to make as much (local) data accessible to the public. The contest is modeled after the "Apps for Democracy" contest in Washington (US). Over 47 teams, companies and developers, including us, submitted apps for wide variety of open datasets. 


Our app

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and the world’s most multi-cultural city. Its population of 750,000 inhabitants contains 178 nationalities, more than New York City. We believe especially in Amsterdam, that open data should be accessible for all; even if you don’t speak Dutch. We build our app on top of the Beeldbank Amsterdam dataset. And since it has no internationalization features, we decided there should be an app for that: Amsterdam Image Bank.


The application is a mash up of Google Translate and the Amsterdam Image Bank. Users can conveniently enter a keyword in their own prefered language. The app then automatically tries to determine the language, translates it, queries the database and shows the result. The application features automatic detection and translation in over 50 languages. We build the app in full HTML, in order to allow the widest range of browsers and mobile devices to access our app. Our philosphy is that technology should promote inclusion, not exclude people


Although we didn't win the first prize, our award and the accompanying prize money allows us to have a nice afternoon of golfing, including drinks to celebrate. Thanks to all the people who voted for us! :) 

*The Apps for Amsterdam contest is a participation between medialab Waag Society, the City of Amsterdam (Economic Affairs) and Hack de Overheid (Hack the Government). 

Even if you can't attend Google I/O in person, this is a way to still connect with other developers and watch the keynote and other major sessions live.  Part viewing party and part community building, Google I/O Extended are free events focused on live-streaming parts of Google I/O.


If you would like to hook up, we will be present at I/O Extended even at Google Nederland at the Zuidas/ Amsterdam on May 11.

Update: As announced, Dwindle iPad is now available in the App Store here.

Here's a sneak peak to the biggest Dwindle update yet!

A lot of great new features were added to the game, of which the biggest: support for the iPad! The game now also supports Game Center and takes advantage of the higher resolution Retina displays on the latests generation of iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

Unwind's Dwindle for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone will be released very soon. In the meanwhile, check out the new video for this mayor update: