Things we do, use or just love live!

For, an artist-driven, creative sound design studio based in Hilversum, we developed a brand new corporate website. The site features minimalistic design in full HTML 5.

Other neat features are a custom video and sound player that streams directly from Amazon EC2 servers for optimal performance and an infinite scroll for blog posts. A live AJAX search enables visitors to quickly find what they need with minimal intrusion.

Politie Utrecht: busted hemp plantations has been expanded with a new feature; it's now also possible to search on busted hemp plantations. Data is shown for the complete province of Utrecht and has a history of 3 months.

Beside displaying data province wide, you can also set an email alert if one has been busted in your neighbourhood. Politie Utrecht updates automatically every four hours. Another recent new feature is the quarterly safety report for each municipality.

Mealku beta visit

We just returned from a 6 day field trip to New York where we visited Mealku. It was a great opportunity to meet all new team members and experience a few days on the ground how Mealku operates and runs its business.

On Saturday we attended an official Mealku Meet, a food swap event in the Mealku loft, where goods like pickles, bitters and homemade jam were bartered for. The atmosphere was great and everyone brought and shared food. Mealku is really all about the social!

Oh, and don’t blame us, we did a lot of touristy stuff as well. Back soon!



Dwindle passes 25.000 players!

Based on the information submitted for our high score rankings, we are very happy to announce that our iOS puzzle game Dwindle passed 25.000 players! (These are only internet connected devices, thus conservative numbers.)

A few random statistics. A grand total of 65.000 games were played. The player with the most time spend in Dwindle played a total of 22 hour;19 hours in action mode and 3 hour in endless mode. So what’s the toughest level? The one that takes the most moves to finish is level 19; the fastest player solved it in a mere 30 moves and the slowest player needed 80 moves.

Unto the 50k players, which we expect to break somewhere in soon

New Dutch wine start up in beta!

Another startup we spend a lot of time on is VinoTip. VinoTip allows you to keep track of your wine tasting notes and automatically calculates a wine profile and suggest new wines based on that profile. Again the core CMS and framework technology is provided by Unwind. We are also responsible for all of the graphic design.
VinoTip will be in beta the coming months and aims for an early 2013 launch.