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Indigo 2010

April 29th, 2010

Last week we attended Indigo 2010,  it was marketed as the first large scale playable presentation of innovative and independent video-game design in the Netherlands. About 30(!) Dutch game developers were present to show their games. Since we found out about the event only two days prior to it in a national newspaper, we were unable to secure a stand of our own. We decided to head there with a “mobile” team.

It turned out great! Instead of being to glued to one spot, we were able, armed with matching Dwindle t-shirts, to freely roam the venue. Only five out of the thirty teams were developing for the iPhone, and most companies we already had heard of / seen on the internet. It seems that the iPhone game development scene is relatively small in the Netherlands and most of the teams are in the start up phase with their game(s). We managed to talk to the majority of them, it was great hear them out, exchange experiences, and give out a few pieces of advice ourselves.

It was also interesting to talk to companies who developed for other platforms. For example we learned from TwoTribes, that Nintendo's WiiWare can't really be compared to Apple's AppStore yet. This makes sense to us, people who own a Wii are more used to buying a Wii game as a physical medium, instead of  buying it online and just owning it digitally. In that regard the iPhone is a great platform to develop for, as all users are used to install (free or paid) software through only one canal: iTunes. You even get a 0 euro invoice for free software, which is kind of weird experience the first time you get it.

All in all we had a great day, and good chance we will be attending Indigo 2011 next year again! Mobile or stationary.


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