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First Dwindle reviews!

March 25th, 2010

First Dwindle reviews have been popping up on the web, so far all have been positive! We are especially happy with the review on AppAdvice. They really liked it and were, I quote, -surprisingly impressed- by the concept.

"Dwindle is a great new puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. Dwindle is difficult enough to keep you busy on a long train journey but simple enough to master on a coffee break and will appeal to you if you are a fan of casual puzzle games.

"The minimalistic, colourful styling of the app is quite enchanting and the gameplay experience is excellent."

"Puzzle games are ten a penny in the App Store but the good ones are few and far between, Dwindle is a really good one."

A review on the was less favorable, saying there are already too many good games out there. (DoodleJump, Angry Birds anyone? :) Nevertheless they enjoyed the intuitive controls, well balanced levels and fitting graphical style, and graded the game 7/10. In my opinion the reviewer failed to realize the game should be compared to other games of the same genre. Only then you can see Dwindle for what it is, which is what did.

As we expected, reviews stimulate sales instantly. We already seen a real boost by the exposure so far and can add a lot of new countries to the list. We now have sales in South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malaysia, Danmark and Canada.

We are currently working on a great new upgrade to the game, and continuously trying to get more exposure. Which for now is an uphill battle due to the tons of games coming out each day.

More news on Dwindle soon!


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