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iPhone gaming #2

February 25th, 2010

It has been exactly a month since our last report on our iPhone game. We are happy to announce; it is as good as finished! We initialy aimed for a start of March release, and we are going to meet this deadline! The application will be submitted to Apple in the next few days.

We are now in the process of designing the last missing sound effects and tweaking some final features. Highscores, global leaderboards  stats, settings, interface, graphics and even a soundtrack have all been implemented. The graphics and sounds are comepletely custom, we took no short cuts by using standard iPhone graphic elements.

All the marketing elements are ready and lined up as well; we registered a new domainname, created a website and have gathered a list of 50 review sites we are going to submit our game to. Some tips for other developers, it is already possible to claim the name of the application before the application is finished. This way you can reserve and protect the application name at the start of the project.

If you own an iPhone or an iPhone touch, send an email to, we have some free promotional codes to give away. Oh, last but not least, the name of the game: Dwindle.

More news soon...